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Dennis Cordell founded Coaches Inc. in January 2006. During his six years at the NFLCA, Cordell saw the need for coaches to utilize agents and realized that this was an underserved market. He felt many of the issues he worked to resolve for coaches could have been easily addressed during the coaches' contract negotiations, but coaches' greatest qualities, their loyalty and trustworthiness, worked to their disadvantage and prevented coaches from negotiating to protect themselves and their families. After years of thought, a few events occurred in 2005 that finally set Cordell on his path to serve coaches in this new capacity by founding Coaches Inc.

During the summer of 2005, a former NFL coach contacted Cordell to review his current Division I college contract. After providing feedback to the coach, the coach replied that he had given his contract to a few friends who were lawyers but that their analysis did not compare to Cordell's. He thanked Cordell and told him that his expertise in coaching contracts was obvious and he appreciated the help. This reassured Cordell that he had indeed built a unique understanding of coaching contracts that could be used in individual contract negotiation.

Later on that year, a coach believed he was about to be fired. Cordell talked with the coach about potential issues and, after preparing a legal memorandum to send to this coach, Cordell noticed he had a Word document with this coach's name saved to his computer. When he opened it, Cordell found an addendum he had written two years prior, when the coach had not yet signed his contract, addressing the issues most worrisome to the coach. Elated, Cordell contacted the coach only to find out that the coach did not push to have the addendum added to his contract and thus was not eligible for the significant benefit that would have been secured had the addendum been added.

Thus, realizing that coaches needed help he could provide, and he could best provide this necessary help only by serving coaches in a different role, Cordell decided to start a new company, Coaches Inc.

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