Do I need an agent if I am an assistant coach?
At Coaches Inc., we pride ourselves on developing a unique strategy for each client. This strategy will vary based on their current level, their position and their career goals. For head coaches, contract negotiation is a critical component of the service package we provide to ensure that a coach has a contact that not only includes fair compensation but also adequate protection. Contract negotiation can also come into play for assistant coaches depending on their level, and we always strive to make sure that an assistant coach understands the contract that he is agreeing to.

Can Coaches Inc. get me a job?
We work with each of our coaches to put them in the best position possible to take advantage of certain job opportunities. Before deciding to pursue a particular job, we visit with our coach to discuss the job’s pros and cons as well as if it fits in with their long-term goals. If the answer is yes, we will begin reaching out to the people who are likely to have a role in the hire as well as helping our coach identify people in their network who may be able to help. This list of people may include other coaches, athletic directors or search firms that we have developed relationships with.

How does Coaches Inc. know if taking a particular job will help me achieve my long-term goals?
We have collected several years of data that we use to analyze hiring trends. For example, if an assistant football coach has the goal of becoming a head coach in the ACC, we can go through our data to see the previous jobs for the 20 most recent hires. Using this data, we can tell whether ACC schools have a tendency to hire coordinators from major programs or head coaches from smaller schools. While we can’t predict the future, we can recognize patterns to help our coaches make well-informed decisions.

What happens if Coaches Inc. represents another coach who wants the same job as I do?
In a business as competitive as the coaching industry, it is not uncommon for hundreds of coaches to apply for the same job. Inevitably, each year there are a few jobs that attract interest from multiple CI coaches. As agents, the most important thing we can do for each of our coaches is to make sure that they are prepared to put their best foot forward knowing that each coach possesses a unique personality, set of experiences and references. Ultimately, agents are not the decision makers when it comes to coaching hires. If a school or professional team has decided that it wants a coach with an offensive background and head coaching experience, our best approach is to draw their attention to a coach of ours who possesses these traits rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

What happens if I start working with Coaches Inc. and then one of my contacts hires me to work for him/her?
One of the main reasons why we enjoy working with coaches as opposed to players is because coaches’ careers are generally much longer. Over the course of a coach’s career, they are likely to be hired for several different jobs and each time the hire will happen for a different reason – often multiple reasons. Once we start working with a coach, we become a team throughout the ups and downs of their career. Even if a coach is offered a job as a result of a personal connection that they have, we are still a team and will assist them with their contract before turning our attention to prepare for the next step in their career. If a coach is looking to hire an agent as just a short-term solution, Coaches Inc. isn’t for them.

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